Since the beginning of family life, the couples in the first place acquire a love bed – double king-size bed. Sometimes the beds are equipped with mattresses, but most of them have to be purchased separately. And a complete mattress is usually the quality is significantly inferior to a more practical prosthetic purchased online.

Orthopedic king-size mattress for beds

Double beds with king-size mattresses are of considerable size, and the structure can hold a decent load. Accordingly, the mattresses on these beds should also be sufficiently strong and elastic. Among the mattresses are the most common two types: spring and springless. Before buying a mattress be sure to specify which type it belongs to and what made.

Today, all the great demand for mattresses – and this is quite logical. This mattress is designed to protect the human spine from the strains and various pathologies. The structure of the mattress is designed so that during sleep the human back is straight and which image is not distorted.

Spring mattresses for double beds

If you decide to buy a pillow-top king-size mattress, we advise you to pay attention for the following properties of the product:

  • a mattress has a separate spring unit;
  • a number of springs must be at least 250 per square meter.

Springles mattresses

  1. King-size mattresses without springs are no less reliable and comfortable. These king-size mattresses have special filler which gives the mattress firmness and elasticity. For a filler of a springless mattress is used:
  2. Latex – a modern and completely natural material. Latex products are considered to be one of the best, and for the quality will have to pay more;
  3. Felt – a practical and durable, with an inexpensive material. Felt yarn may be further tightened other materials such as latex;
  4. Coconut fiber – a modern filler for mattresses. Very durable, generally used in high-end models, and therefore rather expensive;
  5. Foam – a material was proven over the years. Modern manufacturers use more durable foam and hence the service life is quite high. It is used in models of economy class.

King-size mattresses without springs are capable of the most evenly distribute the load imposed on the human spine in the supine position. Unlike spring mattresses, this type eliminates squeaks which may occur when changing the position of the body on a double bed.

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