A variety of natural mattresses on the market today often puts buyers in a deadlock. Manufacturers offer a great variety of models, differing in characteristics and composition. It creates more and more new and advanced materials that are used as fillers for mattresses, but amidst all this diversity of materials consultants continue to recommend mattresses with natural fillings. Only it’s not out of a desire to sell a mattress having a higher price, have mattresses made of natural fillers have a lot of their merits.

The most common among the natural fillers used for a mattress are latex coir coconut and seaweed. Also, there are mattresses with horse hair and even seaweed.

Latex based mattresses

One of the most expensive materials is natural latex. Obtained from the sap of rubber trees, he, rubber. This material has properties such as flexibility, elasticity, and strength. On a mattress made entirely of latex, filler takes up to 200 gallons of material. Mattresses made of latex, moderately soft and have good anatomic characteristics.

Mattresses coconut coir is always tough. Coir is extracted from coconut husk fiber. Coir fibers are usually bonded together using latex material making mattresses made of coir become more robust and durable. Natural mattresses made entirely of coconut coir are extremely rare. Typically, this material is combined with softer, such as latex, that allows for the average level of hardness of the mattress.

To boost immunity, you can buy a mattress with seaweed. They have a mass of useful properties, enriched with iodine and minerals, and also have a special smell. Mattresses with seaweed used as aroma-mattresses having healing properties. To produce flooring seaweed mattress collected weave into a special grid. Typically, these mattresses filler have an average hardness.

The high level of stiffness and have mattresses with horsehair filler. In many ways, this filler is similar to natural hair. It extracted it from the horses’ manes and tails.

Sisal natural mattresses

Mattresses are also found with a natural filler such as sisal. This material is extracted from the leaves of agave. Mattresses made of this material is also quite tough.

Mattresses with natural fillings vary in severity and are produced with different technologies, but they all have a number of important positive properties:

  • They are absolutely non-toxic and, hence, harmless to humans. Even over the long term use of these mattresses do not begin to produce toxins. That is why doctors recommend buying kids’ mattresses with natural fillings;
  • Natural materials are environmentally friendly;
  • The mattresses made from natural fillers inside does not stay wet;
  • They provide constant air circulation, so that creates a hostile environment for the emergence of harmful insects and microorganisms;
  • These mattresses do not heat in the heat and do not become cold at low temperatures;
  • They have a high level of strength and durability.

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