Under an orthopedic mattress often implies that allows the human spine to stay straight during the entire time while lying down. The effect of “direct spines” is achieved in various ways, and many manufacturers explain in detail why their mattresses are the best in this regard.

Imagine a complete man lying on a soft mattress. It is obvious that the mattress sag in the middle and the person will be in the “banana position” harmful to the spine.

On the other hand, a slim girl lying on a very firm mattress will again lie properly. The mattress will not sag, the spine is arched in position. Therefore, it is necessary to correlate your physical data and properties of the mattress.

How to select among orthopedic mattresses:

  1. Fat people should look to the hard mattress: spring with a reinforced coil of thick wire Springless of dense durable materials.
  2. Thin is better to choose soft spring-based mattresses, models without the use of coir, or non-sprung mattresses made of natural latex.
  3. People medium complexion fit most models on independent springs, in particular, the models that use a combination of coir latex.
  4. Children and adolescents usually recommend choosing springless mattresses. Very young children do not care than to sleep, it is important that the mattress is well ventilated. As a rule, they buy coconut mattress (mattress) with a thickness of 3-7 cm.
  5. For older children, it is important to have the mattress was quite hardy, withstanding jumping on it, and so on, so the coconut – not the best option.
  6. For teenagers, springless mattresses are recommended to choose best of the synthetic latex, hard.
  7. Elderly people must choose hard orthopedic mattresses are not recommended. It is better to stop the choice of a mattress on the soft or medium-hard models.

Few tips on choosing orthopedic mattresses

Among the best spring mattresses to choose a mattress with a block of independent springs. The compression of each spring is separate from the adjacent, so mattress different flex at different parts of the body. Increasingly used in mattresses zoning – the spring of different stiffness in different parts of the mattress – to more closely match the stiffness of the various parts of the body sleeping. The number of springs per SQ. m should be at least 220 (about 250 – the standard for most of the independent blocks).

Cheap mattresses on the basis of a dependent spring block hardly a proper mattress support. Nevertheless, a new mattress will be much better than the old sagging. The only alternative in the price segment is a non-sprung mattress based on synthetic latex or polyurethane. The properties of these mattresses are much better than an orthopedic mattress.

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