It’s no secret that sleep is an important part of our lives, to maintain the health of the body and allows you to get a good rest. The normal functioning of organs, good health is impossible without sleep, which should be from 6 to 10 hours a day, every body’s own individual needs.

Why should you buy orthopedic mattresses:

One of the main advantages or benefits of mattresses is a special sensitivity to the weight of the human body. For example, if you sleep on a double bed on a conventional mattress, then when you turn the person who sleeps next to you, you feel complete all his movements, and it interferes with sleep. If you buy a pillowtop mattress, then turn your neighbor did not disturb.

Also, the temperature of the mattress feels softer and can become when you touch them human, why the dream will become more comfortable and deep. Despite the softness and warmth, they do not sweat and well ventilated, creating an ideal microclimate.

The third positive side orthopedic bases include the therapeutic effect of their use. Musculoskeletal has a natural shape while on the bed with orthopedic conditions, which eliminates the lumbar, cervical and dorsal pains.

Mattresses that you can buy with a straight-to-doors delivery are very economical in use due to the duration of use. If not to save and buy a quality element bed, as well as quality linens, all the spent funds will be repaid many times over, because the purchase will last for more than ten years without loss of quality in the products of latex, polyurethane, and other modern materials does not start insects and parasites.

Disadvantages of orthopedic mattresses:

  • Mattress using such materials as coconut or latex have a considerable weight and are difficult to transport;
  • Grounds for winter-summer sleep needs regular turning, for some very problematic.
  • Another minus is not very pleasant faint smell of glue that holds three to five days.

If we compare the major advantages and disadvantages of small, on the whole memory foam mattresses today has no equal, and they continue to enjoy great popularity.

In addition to the mattress be sure to purchase orthopedic pillows, which also provide the correct body position during sleep and rest. You agree that the mattress without a pillow is not very convenient, even orthopedic.

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