A quality single bed is one of the main components of a strong and healthy sleep. Therefore, the selection and purchase of such furniture cannot be hasty and spontaneous. Single beds are one of the most popular products in the furniture market. Quite often they become adolescents, young adults, whose body is in the final stage of formation, so errors in the choice of simply unacceptable. However, and adults often deliver suffering discomfort and poor quality of the bed.

How to select a single bed in a shop?

One of the main parameters in the choice of a single bed is its size. It was, in this case, the dream is very important. According to the standard length of a single bed is 190 cm, width is 90 cm. Although often there are models on the market offered with a length of 195 and 200 cm with a standard width. Some manufacturers of quality single beds are moving away somewhat from the standards, making the width of 7-80 cm. This option is suitable for children and adolescent single beds.

If you are going to buy a single bed, the main attention is drawn specifically to the length of not focusing on standards. The length of a single bed must exceed the height of a man by an average of 20 cm. Therefore, if nature endowed you with high growth, it is better to choose a bed length of 200-210 cm.

Construction of single beds

To sleeper has served as long as possible without causing any unpleasant surprises, it should be done with maximum quality. Therefore the question of the reliability of structures – is also one of the main choices. Pay attention to the following points:

  • material from which the furniture is made;
  • the quality of the structure and fittings;
  • the strength of the bed’s frame;
  • orthopedic mattresses in the frame.

Our online store offers reliable and high-quality single beds. All materials used in production, are completely safe, non-toxic, meet state quality standards. Careful processing of wood and durable components makes them as strong and comfortable beds for both teenagers and adults.

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