A cheap mattress on which you sleep should ideally correspond to the anatomy of your body, habits and lifestyle. In order to choose the right mattress, you need 100% know what it’s for you. Buy a product just because it has a good price – it’s wrong.

The mattress does not apply to purchases that can be performed at random. A good mattress is chosen to take into account parameters of the person who will sleep on it – his weight, height, spine condition.

Which mattress is better to buy on sale?

The most beneficial to health – anatomical and orthopedic mattresses. They are essential for people suffering from back pain and spinal disorders. Most people in the USA are sedentary, so doctors strongly recommend to choose mattresses with massage or therapeutic effect. Cheap mattresses with orthopedic properties evenly distribute your body weight across the surface, supporting muscles and spine in a natural, correct position.

People who suffer from overweight, fit hard mattresses with reinforced springs, made of thick wire. If springless mattress, the filling should be thick, long-lasting materials.

Skinny is better to choose soft spring mattresses and springless models based on natural rubber latex. People of average build fit almost all models with an independent spring block, and springless models based on coconut fiber or latex.

For young children (under 3 years) need well ventilated mattresses, for example, on the basis of coconut fiber. Babe older suit springless mattress of medium hardness.

Cheap mattresses for elderly people

Elderly recommended choosing soft and medium-hard mattresses. No less important point is filler orthopedic mattress. Choose a model with an environmentally friendly filler material – the correct decision. Good fillers are considered to coconut fiber, natural latex, seaweed and horse hair.

Wadding, felt and foam are cheap, rapidly loses rigidity fillers. These mattresses have a short lifespan.

There are cheap on sale mattresses that are made from natural latex, of course, more expensive, but they have hypoallergenic, antibacterial and well pronounced orthopedic properties, what is their huge advantage. They are comfortable, convenient, well take the form of a human body.

Mattresses made of natural horsehair and coconut fibers – environmentally friendly, but expensive – to buy such a product can afford not everyone.

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