Choosing the right size mattress for a single bed is important when buying. Dimensions of the mattress in length, width and height should match the size of the bed. If you are only going to buy it, you need to pay attention, not to the external dimensions and the characteristics of the size of the bed. After skirting the thickness, has not been canceled. If you already have a bed, measure its inner dimensions.

Almost certainly the data would conform to some standard sizes of mattresses, or will be a couple of centimeters more. It’s not scary, because a new mattress freely lies in its place, and it can be turned easily.

A single bed mattress length

The most common length of the mattress 190 and 200 cm is basically a universal size for almost any growth. The main thing to remember when choosing the length of the mattress, that for a comfortable sleep, it must be at least 15 cm more than your height.

A single bed mattress width

In width sizes of mattresses are divided into double and single mattresses. Consider the standard sizes of mattresses. Bedroom mattress can have a size of 80 and a width of 90 cm. This category can be attributed to one and a half the size of 120 cm. Standard sizes are single mattresses: 80h190, 80h200, 90×190, 90×200.

The standard sizes of mattresses semi: 120h190, 120×200. Round mattresses can also be divided into a smaller – diameter of 200 cm to 210 cm, medium – 220 cm and very large, round mattresses 230 cm to 240 cm.

The height or thickness of a single bed mattress

The thickness or height of the orthopedic mattress can vary widely as you wish, but it should be greater than the internal height of the side panels of the bed. And if the weight of the sleeping quite large, it is better to look at the higher mattresses.

The average height of the mattress is about 18 cm. The height of springless mattresses is usually in the range of 15 to 24 cm. For spring mattresses the standard height is 20-22 cm, but also easy to find a mattress’ thicknesses from 18 to 32 cm.  A thinner mattress 2-10 cm height is used only as mattress covers or as mattresses for sofas.

Kids’ bed mattress sizes

Mattresses for newborns designed for cots have their own standards. The most common size of children’s mattresses is 60 x 120 cm.

According to the thickness of the children’s mattresses, are usually thinner – their height from 6 to 12-13 cm. Spring children’s mattresses can be up to 16-18 cm thick. This option may be important because sometimes manufacturer’s cots for some models recommend a specific height for kids’ mattresses.

Lifetime warranty of single bed mattresses

The life of a mattress depends on its quality and the intensity of exploitation. Among the manufacturers are of the opinion that the mattress should be changed at least every 5 years. In reality, good, quality models are about twice as long – up to 10 years.

Warranty on mattresses domestic production is usually 2 years. The guarantee can be provided for the separate parts of the product, in particular, spring units. The main requirement for a single bed mattress is not to forget to turn it once every 3-4 months.

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