All mattresses can be divided into two main groups – spring and springless. Of course, today you can choose more exotic models. For example, water or inflatable mattress (often considered to Springless type). Only inflatable mattresses can be used for guests who stayed overnight.   Water mattresses is too complicated to use and not comfortable enough. That’s why most people still prefer to buy a spring or springless mattresses. Try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types.

Spring mattresses

It is said that the more springs are in the mattress, the better its orthopedic effect. Indeed, many doctors advise their patients to sleep on the spring mattresses. This explains the fact that even after so many years this type is in demand.

Today, you can choose spring mattresses with dependent and independent coil.

Dependent spring block

At the heart of a dependent spring block are double cone springs that are fastened together by a frame. Such technology of mattress is the most cost-effective and simple.


  • Low price;
  • It has some good orthopedic properties;
  • It can withstands heavy loads.


  • Low resistance to rust;
  • It collects dust, germs and even household insects;
  • It also absorbs the electromagnetic waves. This can be harmful to the human body;
  • creak during operation;


Fragility. Spring mattress will sag, so you can hardly sleep on it.

Advice: do not try to select a hard spring mattress. It is not always comfortable to sleep.

The independent spring block

Each spring is packed in a separate bag that’s why mattresses with independent spring block don’t creak.


  • In’s quiet;
  • Orthopedic effect is better than the mattress with dependent springs;
  • Affordable price;
  • Long service life (over 10 years).

Disadvantages: the same as of the mattress with a dependent spring block.

Remember, the more spring turns in mattress, the comfortable it is. Typically independent blocks consist of springs with 6-9 turns.

Springless mattresses

From its spring “precursors” springless mattresses differ by filler. So, in their manufacture can be used coconut fiber, latex, horse hair, foam, sea grass. Incidentally, the units of such fillers can alternate with each other.


  • Increased comfort;
  • No creaking;
  • Orthopedic high performance;
  • It evenly distributes weight of human body.


  • High price;
  • In some cases you can feel the discomfort and the long period of adaptation to a new mattress (for example, when it comes to the kinds of water or air).

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