Many people are very careful to your body and the body: they dress for the weather, do not neglect the various creams to preserve her beauty. But how many people who also take care of the entire body of the web – the spine?

The real body rests during sleep only, and only on where and how we sleep depends on our condition after we wake up. This may seem strange, but our mood, general condition and ability to work depend on 2.6 bunk bed mattress. With special care to the choice of the mattress should fit the couple, who are on holiday in one double bed. In general, the change of its new double mattress is worth considering when your old mattress:

  • It is more than 10 years old;
  • It creaks;
  • Filling the mattress is going to lumps;
  • The mattress rolls so that it is impossible to stay on their half.

If at least one of the items you have learned your mattress – immediately go to the store on the new mattress.

Many believe that a double mattress is different from the normal only by its size. But, actually, it is not. Some features should pay particular attention to when you are choosing a mattress; otherwise you may provoke some problems. Some twin beds at the factory equipped with a mattress, but it is not recommended to use it as a mattress must be chosen by each person individually. An interesting but wrong solution is to buy two single mattresses instead of one double mattress. That is wrong because with the time between mattresses formed a “failure” which would deprive the peaceful sleep of both spouses. Start to choose a double mattress better selection of filler, which will provide a sound sleep. For example, one of the popular fillers is natural latex.

Weight or rather a difference in the weight of two spouses – another important factor. If the difference is less than 50 kg, the spouses on a 2 foot 6 mattress topper will feel comfortable. If it exceeds, you should think about buying a mattress designed especially for couples who are very different in weight. The problem is that the less massive spouse will feel uncomfortable due to the fact that it would crawl to the center of the bed.

This situation is due to soluble spring units, which consist of springs independent of each other. In these units, places occur more than a little spring. This is done in order to more easily husband slept on the outside, soft springs and heavier – on the internal hard. This allows both members of couples to sleep in the same bed with incredible comfort.

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