When the parents find out that soon came to light two kids instead of one, at first it’s a shock to them, then joy, then a lot of questions that need to be resolved before the date of delivery. One important question – how to equip a nursery for twins? This is what will tell you in this article. You will learn about a variety of children’s furniture, designed just for two children.

Choosing double beds for twins

The first piece of furniture that kids will need immediately after birth – a cot. It is here that newborns spend most of the time. There are several options how to be sleeping twins. The simplest – the usual buy two cots for babies and put them in front. Another option is to buy a bed for the twins consisting of two sections. This piece of furniture looks like double beds joined together one adjacent wall. This model is best suited for children up to six months. Shaking a cot can be put to sleep two children at the same time. Also, this option is useful for communication: both a mother and a baby sees not feel left out attention.

When children grow up, they can sleep in a bed with high sides they already uncomfortable. Kids need more beds, as they say, for growth. But often there is a problem of space:  double beds in the same room will not leave room for cabinets, tables and other items of furniture. Therefore, it became popular bunk beds. They have two beds, and a place in the room is occupied, for one. This solution will allow you to buy baby furniture and successfully place it in the room. Thus there is a place for a table, and clothing closet, and a play corner.

Safety of double beds for children

Before you buy double beds, make sure it is safe. If the children are young (3-4 years), it is desirable that the second bed of a double bed is not under the ceiling. On sale you will find a bed, a second tier in which only 1 meter away from the floor. Bed on the second tier, regardless of the age of the child should be provided with the rim. Note also the ladder: convenient if it is not too high level, what is there to stay?

If the children’s room was very small twins, look for models of beds, where in addition to beds have built-in cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Convenient and bottom drawer to store clothes is also included into double beds for sale.

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