If you want that mattress served you for many years and still retains all of its pristine quality and properties, it is strongly recommended to comply with the five basic requirements for the care and operation:


  1. Proper transport

Before you decide to buy a new mattress, check that the delivery was carried out in compliance with all of these conditions of transportation. Mattresses will be transported on a flat rigid surface in a horizontal position. Care must be taken that the product is not amenable to deformation during transport, otherwise it could disrupt their structure and properties.


  1. The use of covers and mattress covers

To protect orthopedic mattress from dirt, dust, smudges, we suggest to use special cases and mattress covers. They will help to protect the mattress, not only from dirt but also against premature wear and other mechanical damage. Also, these covers are easy to clean by any cleaning agents, with the mattress itself remains intact. It is used in the mattress pad waterproof lining that protects the orthopedic devices from the damaging effects of moisture. This is especially true for those who have small children.


  1. Do not exceed the weight!

Every mattress is designed for a specific weight of the person, so it is very important to choose the model that would be fully consistent with your weight category. In turn, this will greatly increase the lifespan of the mattress. It should be noted that people who are overweight should consider all factors and acquire the product that fits the parameters. For example such people are not recommended to purchase products on the basis of springless as a constant weight is quickly bend and will not adequately provide a healthy and comfortable sleep.


  1. Why flip mattresses?

In the operation of periodically flip mattresses, it should be done at least once every six months. Turning a mattress, you provide the correct distribution of its components. Thus, the mattress restores its initial rigidity: spring blocks and soft layers of filler acquire their original shape.


  1. Other heavy objects!

You can not fold, bend, different gravity and jump on the mattress! All this contributes to a change in the structure of the fillers and leads to damage to the spring assembly. Warped products quickly lose their basic properties, and therefore become useless.

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