Fold up mattresses make a special kind of bed. Usually, consist of three equal sections. Compact and portable mattresses appear when it is required, and after them very easily folded and put away somewhere on a shelf or under the bed. They will be a great option for guests who suddenly descended, or visiting relatives. The mattresses are great for sofas, turning even the most rigid and uncomfortable pieces of furniture in a beautiful comfortable bed.

The difference of fold up mattresses

Fold up mattresses differ from conventional orthopedic models only in that they can be folded. That is why they are almost indispensable in everyday life. For the home as a guest option to the country for the couch, on the floor just for children – but you never know situations when you need to quickly organize an extra bed.

Usually a fold up mattress consists of three sections, easily expanded and conveniently folds into the shape of a suitcase. Provided the handle and a pair of Velcro to carry and store, for example, in a closet or other suitable location.

The characteristics of the folding mattress depend on the type. Fold up mattresses can be soft, hard or medium hard, the most suitable for most people. Also, you can order a folding mattress with the different rigidity of the parties. We can produce folding mattress of the springless custom size or content.

What is a fold up mattress for an average customer?

Fold up mattresses are no different from the usual. The peculiarity is that it consists of three parts, which are folded compactly. This is very useful because not all have plenty of free space. Keep it may be in a special carrying case that came with. It will protect against dust and undesirable contaminants.

Some models have the straps by means of which a mattress can be fixed in the folded state. It will be a great boon if you are visiting and will not appear for all beds. You can certainly come up with something, give them a sleeping bag. But taking guests, we want to give them the maximum comfort to make them feel at home.

This fold up mattress will satisfy even the most demanding and discerning people. Its development was carried out with all the features of the structure of the human skeleton. This product is not how it is worse than the bed. You could even say that it’s the same bed, just folding.

Advantages of fold up mattresses:

  • low weight;
  • more subtle, does not occupy a lot of space during transportation;
  • despite the fact that it is much thinner, and if it is warm in nature will have to stay overnight, you will not freeze;
  • does not absorb moisture.

The choice will depend on where you are caring mattress (home to the country, as a gift) and also on your physiological needs. Each option has its advantages and features. Before you buy read all the nuances to make the right choice.

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