The choice of a mattress size much depends on the mood and performance. And it is a shame, giving sleep due time, to feel overwhelmed in the morning and sluggish. This happens when the mattress proved wrong chosen. Perhaps we should discuss how to choose a mattress size for a bed – and that it was convenient and beneficial to the body.

Selecting the size of a mattress according to your bed’s parameters

Before buying a mattress need to very accurately measure the inner perimeter of your bed. We take out the old mattress then count measurements with a tape measure berth. It may be tempting to measure pulling the mattress – it’s easier. But this is not necessary, as it will eventually change the dimensions of the inevitable deformation. By the way, when buying a new bed is not necessary to take measurements – in the data sheet must contain all of the dimensions.

When buying American mattress for a bed, made in Europe (or vice versa), be prepared for the fact that it will be quite difficult. European measures based on the length of centimeters, unlike US whose starting point – inch. Take one of the standards for American mattress’ size for a bed – 60 to 80 inches. If we convert inches to centimeters, we get the numbers with fractions; width of 152.4 cm and a length of 203 cm. The standard two-meter length of the original European products less and the width is very different. Thus, the mattress 160 cm is too large, and the size of the next in the line – 140 cm.

You can use one of three options:

  1. The easiest and the bed and mattress to buy from the same manufacturer. They exactly fit together perfectly.
  2. If you cannot buy the products of one brand, you should choose the mattress is made in the same country, which made the bed.
  3. You can make a mattress in size, referring to one of the manufacturers. Domestic factories willingly provide such a service (free of charge, of course).

In fact, many well-known European factories are producing expensive and prestigious products, treat their customers with all the attention. They each model is presented in all sizes (European and American). Moreover, the price of the product is usually fixed. It’s the premium-class, and so is very expensive.

What is the size of a mattress to choose?

Often we are asked what is the size of a mattress is needed for a comfortable sleep? The answer is the more the better. But the length and width of the mattress should correspond to the size of the bed.

How to choose a mattress for the bed? For a double bed can pick up as one large, double mattress and two single. It is more convenient, of course, a great one. For the most comfortable sleep length of the mattress should be 15 cm higher than the growth of the sleeper.

Almost all the producers are ready to perform to order mattresses of all sizes and shapes, from childhood – 60 x 120 cm to huge – 2,5 x 2,5 m.

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