Mattress is not just a cosy part of bedroom, which giving a healthy sleep. Moreover, it is a product, which able to provoke appearance of some diseases as result of incorrect caring. And the main reason is dust mites.

Those parasites represented as tiny insects, which are invisible to the naked eye. It could sound creepy, but they are presents almost everywhere, wherever you look: in soft furniture, like pillows, plaids, and, of course, in mattresses. And of course, they are appearing in all those dusty places not accidental, the reason covered in their favorable conditions. Mites prefer darkness, moisture and warm. As well as human sweating during sleep, and its body temperature growing accordingly, it becomes obvious why those harmful insects are in love with beddings.

Most interesting, that those bugs are saprophytes, that means that they are exist among other creatures (but rather among humans), without being of benefit or harmful to the last ones. But, this fact doesn’t mean that disregard is clever decision. If you want learn more about mattresses specific, you can found a lot of interesting information about mattresses on this site: .


How to deal with dust mites?

Fortunately, we have a few simple steps, which could work against those uninvited guests. Old school methods still quiet effective: frost and the sunlight. Expose your mattress to the air when it cold, or hot and dry. It will cut them from their habitat.

Nowadays those methods seem not so easy, than before. Mainly, because of modern technology of mattresses making: they are became more comfortable, but less flexible. And they are much heavier! This innovation, of course, is justified in terms of comfort and safety for the spine, but to rid of dust mites now has other methods – to make massive bedding out of the house and furthermore, pile it up the hill to knock out almost impossible.


Let’s check out the modern techniques:

First, use powerful hoover. There a lot of models, which can suck even dust, that cumulated deep within the mattress.

Secondly, regular change of the bed linen, and wash it with temperature, higher than 158,00 F.

Thirdly, use special anti-mite remedy. It can be used to treat bedding. This procedure is not harmful to people sleeping, but helps to get rid of dust parasites.

All these methods are very effective. However, any trouble is easier to prevent than deal with its consequences. Therefore, manufacturers of mattresses recommend buyers to purchase not only the bedding, but also cover with water resistant cases. They prevent the ingress of sweat into the product, thereby significantly decreasing the number of insects.

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