Many people are hesitant to buy a water mattress, as it seems to us like something very extraordinary. In fact, waterbeds have many advantages:

  • The maximum orthopedic effect. Due to this effect, the spine adopts the anatomically correct position, facilitates the flow of blood to the heart, relieve tension from the muscles;
  • Heating system. It’s carried out of the heating system, which is specifically designed for the waterbed. When a person lies on a waterbed, the body does not expend energy for heating. You will not roll over during sleep, that’s why the deep sleep phase is significantly extended. Heat mattress relieves rheumatic and muscular pain.
  • High hygienic and anti-allergic properties. You can always maintain a water mattress in a hygienically clean. The Mattress made of vinyl, the environmentally friendly material. Vinyl is non-toxic, not harmful to health.
  • Individual selection of elasticity. Water beds differ in the degree of stabilization. Also available are additional options for the lumbar support, which provides the ideal support for the spine. Sleep on such mattresses provides prevention against arthritis, sciatica and back pain.

Sleeping on a waterbed can’t be called “lying on the soft”, as water allows the human body to adopt an anatomically correct position, which ensures an even distribution of weight.

In recent years physicians have seen that sleep is on such a mattress, where the spine takes the anatomically correct position. Water mattress perfectly fits this description.

How durable water mattress?

You can destroy even the most durable material, but in the case of a water mattress it will not be easy. Top surface of the mattress is protected by dense textile cover, side surface has wide springy frame. In addition, the water mattress is in a protective “bathtub” that holds the mattress in case of damage the entire volume of water contained in it.

The service life of the water mattress is at least 15 years, which is much more than a conventional mattress. Also you can replace the components of mattress, which significantly prolongs the life of a waterbed.

Power consumption

Energy is consumed only 2-4 hours a day. Double bed spends about 10-15 kilowatts per month. The heating system power is due to the size of the mattress.

The water mattress is a great alternative to the usual orthopedic mattress.

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