It seems that easy to choose a tempflow mattress – many models now offer shops, and sellers are always ready to help determine the desired options products. But you as a buyer you need to know about what are the mattresses. Sleep can be great. And if a person does not fully relax, it will lead to the development of diseases and stress.

Often people are not even aware that the cause of insomnia is simple – but it is awkward and wrong to choose a tempflow mattress.

What are major types of tempflow mattresses?

All mattresses can be divided into two main groups – spring and springless. Of course, today you can choose more exotic models – for example, water or inflatable mattresses (often referred to the springless type). But only inflatable suit guests for the night and the water is too complicated to use and comfortable enough. Most people still prefer to buy spring or springless mattresses. Try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of these species.

Spring mattresses with the tempflow technology

It is said that the more the springs in the mattress, the better its orthopedic effect. Indeed, many doctors advise patients to sleep is on the spring mattresses. This explains the fact that, even after decades of this kind is in demand. Today, you can choose spring mattresses with a dependent and independent unit.

At the heart of a dependent spring, block is double cone springs that are fastened together a frame. Such technology of mattress is the most cost-effective and simple. Benefits of spring-based mattresses:

  • low price;
  • It has some good orthopedic properties;
  • the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Springless mattresses

From its spring “precursors,” springless mattresses differ primarily filler. So, in their manufacture can be used coconut fiber, latex, horse hair, foam, sea grass. Incidentally, the units of such fillers can alternate with each other. Benefits of springless mattresses:

  • increased comfort;
  • no creaking;
  • high orthopedic performance;
  • the ability to maintain a uniform human body during rest.

Of course, the most needed mattresses for people with back trouble. If you feel good, relaxing on a conventional mattress, there is no need to abandon it. But then you need to be sure that it has a high level of quality. When using low-quality mattress, which, among other things, also slack, the spine will bend, resulting in the displacement of the vertebrae may be in violation of nerve impulses from the spinal cord to the tissues. The result of such a “rest” may become poor circulation, and this problem is, in turn, not only leads to the deterioration of the quality of sleep, but also to the development of many diseases.

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