Polyurethane foam is used for the manufacture of mattresses. It is also used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture due to their properties of elasticity, security and durability. Such products are not natural, therefore, inferior to a latex counterparts, but they have the appropriate price.

Choosing a polyurethane mattress

Such mattress is made from polyurethane foam with the use of technologies that provide elasticity and strength. It consists of foam and has a honeycomb structure, which can be seen in the photo, which gives it the property of breathability. There are durable in use.

Advantages of polyurethane mattresses:

  • Softness and elasticity – the product has a pleasant surface and is suitable for very demanding comfort natures, as well as the elderly and those who suffer from obesity.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic fillers. Polyurethane – an environmentally friendly material that is not harmful to children and allergy sufferers.
  • Resilience – the product of polyurethane foam keeps excellent shape, and orthopedic properly support the body during sleep, providing a comfortable and healthy holiday.
  • Air permeability – material “breathes” and provides normal heat exchange.
  • The durability and practicality – foam does not crumble, doesn’t fold and does not spoil over time.
  • Compact size – springless mattress of foam is easily transported and stored, wrapped it in a roll.
  • Memory effect of this foam product, reacting to the thermal effects of man.
  • The massage effect is achieved thanks to the cellular structure.
  • Low cost – mattress foam is absolutely available for a wide range of customers.

Types of polyurethane foam mattresses

They can be completely different thicknesses and sizes for a single, and a double bed. Also, there are non-standard sizes. Modern products of foam may have a completely different configuration. Polyurethane foam may be as filler (springless embodiment) and the element of spring mattresses. To distinguish between different types of products depending on their density that directly affects the elasticity.

Polyurethane is often used together with coconut filler to stiffen the article, or with a latex top layer for increasing softness. PPU can be asymmetric, that is, to have a different rigidity from each side, as in the photo.

Polyurethane foam can have the same density over the entire area of the mattress, and can have functional voids separating anatomical zone stiffness. Models vary in price from manufacturer to manufacturer, but it is better to give preference to, reviews of which are objective and positive.

To help navigate the current market of polyurethane products help manual reviews of specific models: a mattress seemed bad, which turned out to be the most convenient, is also pre-acquainted with the photos in the catalogs of the various options.

Orthopedic properties of polyurethane mattresses

Thanks to today’s technology, the mattress made of polyurethane has excellent orthopedic properties. It is perfect and is not harmful to those suffering from back pain and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which is confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews. Orthopedic characteristics of such products are usually enhanced with special springs and a solid layer of coconut.

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