First of all, when buying the cheapest mattress, it is worth remembering that the really high quality and the good product cannot be cheap. This is due to the materials used, as well as with complex technological solutions implemented in an orthopedic mattress.

However, manufacturers of bed mattresses have quite a wide range of mattresses that allows you to choose the best product in terms of price and quality.

The most affordable option orthopedic mattress is produced on the basis of the spring block “Bonnel”. This technology is widely used, both in Russia and around the world. The secret to the popularity of mattresses “Bonnel” lies in the fact that they are high-quality products, which have the characteristics of expensive mattresses, but which, in this case, are quite cheap. The design, in which the radii of the turns of the springs first decrease and then increase, and it does not come into contact with each other, was invented more than 50 years ago, but still retains its relevance.

Thanks to the spring units in mattresses “Bonnel” allow for even load distribution over the entire surface of the mattress, and the absence of typical mattress springs squeak past years. Another quite important advantage of mattresses on the basis of the spring block “Bonnel” – preserve the elasticity over time, as well as high durability, which determines the service life of the mattress for at least seven years. In addition, to extend the lifespan of the mattress could use mattress covers that protect the case and further reduce the load on the spring units. Orthopedic mattresses made of spring blocks “Bonnel”, able to withstand considerable pressure – more than 110 kg for a single bed mattress and about 180 -200 kilograms for double mattresses.

The optimal combination of price and quality are spring mattresses “Bonnel” using budget fillers: felt or foam, which, of course, do not have such qualities as expensive components – coir or horsehair, but provide sufficient softness and elasticity surface, and hence a deep and sound sleep. Choosing a vehicle, do not skimp on the thickness, the minimum size of not less than 1.5 cm. This thickness of the filler is comfortable for sleeping in a bed mattress, but do not hit the family budget.

The cost of bed mattresses also depends on the size. Most manufacturers recommend you to choose mattresses according to the parameters of the bed frame. Naturally, the larger and the more high-quality materials are used, the higher the price of a bed mattress but nothing can compare with a comfortable bed on a wide, elastic and soft orthopedic mattress. However, do not overdo it with the size, since over time greater than the frame of bed mattresses can deform and warp.

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