Assortment of mattresses is quite wide. Mattresses made of the Memory Foam material are one of particularly interesting inventions. Their main feature is that the surface of mattress contours the human body, adapting to them.

In this article we will tell more about these mattresses, it’s the advantages and disadvantages.

Memory Foam features

Memory Foam is the invention of the NASA space program. It was used in space flight to reduce the workload on astronauts. Now the Memory Foam material is applied in everyday life.

Memory Foam is made from a mixture of elastic polyurethane foam and high density natural latex. It has a porous structure consists of a plurality of cells. The open form of the cells allows them to shrink under the influence of human weight and heat. When the cell is compressed material assumes the anatomical shape of the body. Upon termination for material, it still retains the shape of the body contours 2-4 seconds and after 8-10 seconds the cell filled with air and the material returns to its original state.

Memory Foam material is an anatomically-orthopedic, electro biological, isothermal, hypoallergenic and can withstand any weight.

Material properties provide the perfect support for the head, neck and spine. These mattresses recommended by doctors for diseases and curvature of the spine, neck and spinal osteochondrosis.

Medicinal properties of products made of Memory Foam:

  • Unload the spine,
  • Eliminate fatigue,
  • Normalize blood pressure,
  • Remove the brain and spinal pain
  • Increase the effectiveness of rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries.

Advantages and disadvantages of Memory Foam mattresses

Some advantages:

  • It’s very comfortable. Many people get pleasure from the “effect of getting stuck.”
  • Not transmitting movement .Movement on one side of the mattress does not affect the other side. Memory foam excellently suppresses all vibrations on the surface of the mattress.


  • In summer, the foam can soar; this is due to the properties of memory foam. Foam keeps heat and therefore its use in the summer may not be very comfortable.
  • It may have a specific smell. An unpleasant chemical smell that comes from some memory foam mattresses.
  • Poor air circulation. Air cannot easily circulate inside the mattress of foam because of the high density material.
  • Not so durable. Memory foam is made from polyurethane, which have a small lifetime. They will squander and lose their properties.
  • Good mattress memory foam is very expensive compared to other beds, but at the same price category with latex mattresses.

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