When choosing a double mattress, you definitely think about it over the purchase of a mattress with two sides, our subconscious stubbornly tells us “the more is better”. Let us ask ourselves whether we need a second party, and what is it, the dark side of the orthopedic mattress?

Double mattresses have two sides to sleep on

Two sides – conventional bottom and top – is, of course, each mattress. A double mattress is in which the bottom and top have different characteristics. The sides of the mattress may differ in such parameters as:

  • Rigidity;
  • Anatomic extent;
  • Temperature.

The types of double mattresses

Double-sided mattresses with different hardness parties designed to provide comfort for fans of hard and soft mattresses connoisseurs. Change characteristics of the mattress are very easy – just turn it over to the other side. Fillers which form hard side of the mattress:

  • Thermo fiber. Flooring material of natural origin, which is a term fiber felt. The filler makes the mattress harder and prevents mechanical damage to the soft layers of a mattress deck;
  • Plates of woven coconut fibers are used with rigid sides of the mattress properly distribute the load, improve quality orthopedic mattress. To provide a layer of coconut elasticity, it is further latex base.

The extent to which the anatomical properties is provided by the inclusion of one of the sides of the mattress layers of materials such as latex or foam Memory Foam. Feature anatomical effect of increased ability of the mattress to take the shape of the body, providing soft support, does not pinch the blood vessels. The Even thin thickness of only 3 cm layer of these materials will provide extra comfort and a correct position of the human body.

The temperature regulation in mattresses effect is called “Summer /Winter” sides of a double mattress. The effect of adjusting the mattress to the needs of the person in the warm and cold season is very popular and in great demand. Thereby achieving the effect of double sided mattresses? It’s simple – cover stitching such natural materials like wool and cotton with winter a summer party. Thus, the wool provides warmth and cotton absorbs excess moisture, providing comfort at any time of the year.

Double-sided mattresses is a great way to get from one mattress different properties to improve the comfort.

A good double mattress provides all the benefits and features you may look for in an everyday mattress.

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