Human health is laid in childhood. Such a common and dangerous disease as scoliosis is developing in childhood. According to doctors, scoliosis that occurs before the age of 3 years is not dangerous and can go without treatment if a baby is quite active and mobile. To prevent scoliosis in babies, you should choose the special baby mattress. Let’s figure out how to do this.

Selecting mattresses for toddlers

For infants and children up to three years, experts recommend buying a hard mattress with coconut coir – a natural material derived from coconut palm nuts. It is this mattress will ensure the correct position of the spine while sleeping baby. Coconut is an environmentally friendly material, it does not rot, practical and durable. The mattress is filled with coconut coir is well ventilated and dry. Hard mattress coconut can be used for children up to two to three years after which it will be necessary to change the mattress to another, softer.

The dimensions of the mattress must perfectly match the size of the bed. If there will be more bed mattress crib inevitable convexity and concavity, i.e. the spine of a baby will be at risk of curvature. If the size of the mattress is less, the mattress will be “hanging” in the crib, which is very inconvenient, also in the gap between the crib and the mattress can handle or leg stuck baby.

The best mattresses for children older than 3 years

In children three years and older comfort requirements are much higher than that of the smallest – the mattress is too hard can cause their sleep problems. Besides, kids love to play pranks, jump on mattresses and too hard mattress – not the best option for outdoor games. So, you must choose a mattress that will not only provide convenience and comfort of your child during sleep but will also have sufficient rigidity to form a healthy musculoskeletal system. It is important that the mattress was at the same time practical, durable and environmentally friendly.

In this case, choose springless mattresses, both of which are good, and not so important which one you choose. Such baby mattress matters since it is quite tough and resilient, with a comfortable and smooth surface.

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