Let us consider all the layers of the mattress in terms of its properties, quality of materials used and the price for the consumer.

First, let’s choose a basis for orthopedic mattress.

Bonnell spring unit:

Dependent spring unit is used in relatively inexpensive mattresses. The obvious advantage is the low price. The main disadvantages of mattresses on that basis are presented by rigidly springs of large diameter and low orthopedic properties.

Springless mattress:

Spring mattresses are not only the one option of choice for healthy sleep. The absence of the springs in product makes the feeling incomparable and different from those that were tested on mattresses with springs, which appeal to many customers. This basis is suitable for those who need a hard mattress or hard mattress with a soft top layer.

Then, we need to choose a soft layer for orthopedic mattress:

Firstly, soft layers can be divided into natural and artificial.

Artificial layers include:

  1. Polyurethane foam which has been used in orthopedic mattresses for a long time.
  2. Furniture durable foam with high density pressure relieving additives is manufactured with the use of imported equipment.
  3. Hollofayber and struttofayber are artificial fillers with parallel oriented fibers. They were designed specifically for the production of mattress. The price is close to the foam rubber (polyurethane foam), but the life of an orthopedic mattress and its elasticity is much higher.

Natural layers include:

  1. Latex is made from the Hevea tree sap with the use of vulcanizing. When manufacturing a porous structure with micro cells, like the bees one. Due to this structure, the material has a long memory to the recoverability and serves as the finished product for about 10 years. In contrast to the hard-elastic coconut coir latex refers to a resilient flexible material, and it is particularly good as a part of springless mattresses and mattresses on the basis of independent springs.
  2. Cotton fibers are presented as pressed natural cotton, which is the top layer in expensive orthopedic mattresses. It is used for water and air regulation, creation of an optimal microclimate and insulation of the orthopedic mattress cover from the roughness of the other fillers.
  3. Natural wool is used in orthopedic mattresses made by the “winter-summer” technology from the winter side. It creates a microclimate that keeps you warm, because it has a low thermal conductivity.

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