So, how to choose a good mattress for a bed to sleep? In an industry of products for healthy sleep under orthopedic mattress meant giving the effect of “direct backs” during use, supports the need for spine or chest, weight and adapts to the complexion lying man and in some cases, have a healing effect.

For serious diseases of the spine mattress choice best left to the treating orthopedic surgeon. Healthy people are important to focus on the subjective comfort – on the bed to be comfortable.

Different types of mattresses: pros

Well-known manufacturers usually produce two subspecies of mattresses: spring and springless. Suitable models can be found among some, and among others: spring have the effect of pushing, which is virtually absent in springless models. Pronounced therapeutic effects have only an extremely tough one without springs. Spring bed mattresses are characterized by two parameters: types of spring units and filler.

The types of spring units in bed mattresses

Dependent spring blocks consist of double cone springs mounted in series and intertwined spirals. The classical economic model, but it is difficult to call orthopedic – interwoven springs evenly bend under the weight of the body, giving the effect of anatomical support.

Independent springs have a much smaller diameter and a barrel shape. Each spring is placed in a separate bag. With a more flexible connection (covers sewn together, but the springs are independent of each other) fluctuations construction virtually eliminated, and takes the form of a mattress body. The smaller the diameter of the springs the greater their number is for per square meter, the better and more expensive mattress.

Springless bed mattresses

It can be very hard, and soft elastic. They are made of a single block or a combination of several layers:

  • Natural latex has high elasticity and excellent “adaptability” to the contours of the body;
  • Artificial materials (latex, foam, foam rubber, etc.) are kept high loads, have well-maintained properties and are an affordable alternative to the spring type. Recommended for the prevention and treatment of problems of the upper spine, suitable for children and adolescents;
  • The combination of coconut latex has a high stiffness but has limitations in body weight (less than 100 kg per bed place);

Coconut mattresses are extremely tough, with a therapeutic effect during sleep. Usually, they are purchased for medical reasons, for tactile sensations reminiscent of a board covered with a thin quilt. Coir perfectly ventilated, so layers of this material are used in multi-layer models;

If your decision to buy an orthopedic mattress is not caused by medical conditions, it is better to focus on their own feelings. When selecting the stiffness necessary to consider the weight of the sleeping – some models are not designed for a large mass while others do not fit too thin people. Partners with different weight categories need to pick the best two differ in hardness of the mattress to look for a model with a differentiated weight springs.

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