There are few types of fillers for mattresses that you can buy online. Below you can find detailed descriptions of main mattress fillers. They are:

  1. Coir

Environmentally friendly, durable natural material made from a coconut palm nut. Refined and processed in a special way coconut fiber compressed and impregnated with natural latex. Impregnation gives the material elasticity and prevents delaminating. With antibacterial properties, coir does not rot under humidity keeps for decades its firmness and elasticity. Coir is the rigid material used in the manufacture of mattresses. The thicker the layer of coconut coir in the mattress, the mattress is harder.

  1. Coconut Politex

Innovative processing of coconut, which includes coconut fiber reinforcement mesh made of 100% polyester material. The technology:

  • It ensures product durability and lifespan of the mattress by 20%;
  • It increases orthopedic properties of the mattress;
  • It provides a new level of back support that improves the anatomical features of the mattress.
  1. Seaweeds

This material is a natural and unique natural properties. t. To. has a curative and preventive effect due to a high concentration of trace elements, but quite easily crumbles, therefore, requires special latex impregnation or adding other material to create a basis. Algae added stiffness, orthopedic mattresses algae are bactericidal.

  1. Sisal

Rough strong fiber extracted from the leaves of agave, antistatic, protects from feeling the heat, the humidity, and it provides ventilation in mattresses.

  1. Soy

The unique and innovative unit “Natur Soya” consists of soy and water. The block is made of an aqueous solution of soy containing 20% polyurethane and high polymeric additives, followed by foaming and curing. Block “Natur Soya” non-toxic, non-allergenic, environmentally friendly and very elastic.

  1. Horsehair

Hard stuff, good retention layer of air (allows keeping warm), does not delay the moisture does not rot, it is very durable.

  1. Wool

It enhances the ability of a mattress store heat. The filling of mattresses uses the wool of different animals. Merino wool is thin and elastic, highly hygroscopic. It is able to absorb up to 33% of moisture from its scope, which allows it to provide a dry, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of sleep. The advantages of merino wool can also be attributed the firmness and elasticity of fleece, so the material Merino wool for a long time is voluminous and keeps air spaces between fibers. This allows the hair to ensure good thermal protection against the ingress of cold or heat.

  1. Natural punched fillers
  • Natural needed filler – consists of natural fibers of different compositions gives additional comfort properties of the product, which is used.
  • Wool filler – is composed of natural wool fibers held together by the needle-punched method used in the filling of the mattress with the winter side has a heating pad that maintains body temperature.
  • Cotton filler – is made up of natural cotton fibers held together by the needle-punched method used in the filling of the mattress has a summer party, to dissipate the heat generated by the sleeping person.

Each manufacturer always has the know-how and creates a unique combination of spring units and the different layers of rigidity and softness. Springless mattresses are also very different performance: changing the quantitative and qualitative composition of the layers. If you like to sleep on the hard – you fit mattresses with plenty of coir. Prefer a soft bed – choose latex and polyurethane foam with a small rigid layer. Do you want to “soar in the clouds” – you will really like a memory foam mattress.

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