The orthopedic double mattress is an indispensable attribute of a good holiday. After vacation – it is an essential part of our life. Many people mistakenly think that a good sleep on a nice bed, but do not think that they do not sleep on the bed, and on the mattress, spending almost half in a dream life. It will be easier to choose a mattress if you adhere to certain rules.

How to buy a double orthopedic mattress?

  1. Before buying a double mattress, it is necessary to find out the exact size sleeper bed. The size of the future size of the mattress coincides with the inner perimeter of the bed, which must be carefully measured with a tape measure, after removing the old mattress. Old mattress measure is not recommended. During operation, it is deformed, so that data may be inaccurate. If you buy a new bed, the size of the bed you can ask the seller.
  2. If the metering bed you get a result that differs from the standard size of 1 cm (eg, 181×200, 160×201), order the standard mattress size (180×200, 160×200). If the difference is greater than 1 centimeter (e.g. 143×192) than it comes to the size of the mattress must be 143×192.
  3. If the width of the custom mattress, the mattress is determined by the value of the price of the next larger size. For example, the price of the mattress size 143×192 price will be equal to the size of 160×200. Cost mattress custom length (2 meters, e.g. 140×210) will be equal to the cost of the mattress 20%. If the length of the mattress is over 2.2 m, the price of the mattress is reduced by 30%. Please note that the mattress should fit to enter the perimeter of the bed! So if you have turned a custom size (a discrepancy of more than 1 cm). Rounds up not down. Otherwise, the mattress will shift to cover the perimeter of the bed and mattress has quickly come into disrepair.
  1. It is necessary to determine the stiffness of the mattress chosen. It defines content that is above and below the spring unit and produces the best feeling of hardness, softness, of medium hardness, elasticity, comfort etc. For example, coconut 1cm will average hardness of the surface, and only 3 cm coir mattress will make a very tough, while the latex surface will soften, making it more compact and convenient.

Tips for buyers of double mattresses

It is of great importance when selecting a mattress is a habit that is on a surface used to sleep. If you’ve always slept on a soft mattress or sofa, but now familiar advised to finally buy a real mattress, it does not mean that it must be extremely tough.

Orthopedic double mattress due to the properties of independent springs, which perfectly distribute the load, so any mattress on the block of independent springs is orthopedic, even with the filling of the lowest stiffness. Choose the model of the mattress, which would be the most comfortable for you.

The weight of a sleeping person also affects the choice of a model of a mattress. If you weigh more than 100 kg, it is desirable to stop on models of mattresses with the natural filling because it is filling to be the most durable.

Also, make sure that the selected models were the same height. Or by ordering a versatile double bed mattress, you will have a feeling of rigidity when turning during sleep.

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