Talks about the fact that the very hard mattress is the most beneficial to the spine are just no more than a delusion. The mattress should not be too soft or too hard. The concept of convenience is largely subjective, so you should be guided not only on general advice, but also on your personal preferences.

Cheap mattresses on the basis of the Bonnel spring block can hardly be called orthopedic. Nevertheless, a new mattress, even on the basis of Bonnel spring block will be much better than the old one. People with medium complexion fit most models on independent springs, in particular, the models that use layers of latex and coir latex combination. It is believed that the mattress on springs is more comfortable than the springless.

Fat people should look for tougher mattress: mattresses with reinforced springs and multipocket blocks.  For thin people it is better to choose soft models without the use of coir. Children and adolescents are usually recommended for the use of springless mattresses. For the little babies it is important that the mattress was well ventilated. As a rule, parents buy coconut mattress with a thickness of 3-7 cm.

For older children, it is important to have the quite hardy mattress for withstanding jumping on it, so the coconut variant is not the best option. For teenagers specialists recommend to buy hard springless mattresses with artificial latex.

When back pain is contraindicated by the hard mattress, you need to choose from a soft, well lumbar support models. For people with problems in the upper part of the contrary spine it is necessary to look for the hard mattress.

Rigid and semi-rigid mattresses are often recommended by podiatrists for people suffering from spine diseases. It should heed the advice of a doctor, but if you are healthy, then sleeping on a board covered with a blanket is not only useful, but also can harm the joints. So, we emphasize once again that the mattress cannot be orthopedic in general; it can be an orthopedic for you.

It is best to contact a specialist store on the issue of mattress selection. There the buyer will be asked about weight, height and age of the sleepers, list of their existing diseases of the spine, wishes of the stiffness. Selection of the mattress is not just banal tips about what better and worse, it’s a balance between optimal performance and a budget for the mattress purchase.

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