When choosing an orthopedic firm mattress, most people are interested in the question: “How to choose the stiffness of the mattress?” What should be the “right” firmness of a mattress – hard, soft or medium stiffness?

Of course, first of all, everyone should pick up a mattress rigidity considering their taste preferences, as well as its own weight. But in addition there are a number of factors that influence the choice of an orthopedic mattress.

Many people have back problems. The correct mattress facilitates proper rest, relieves stress and fatigue, relieves pain in the back and helps to “unload” the spine. Mattress with properly chosen stiffness significantly improves sleep and general condition of the person.

How to choose a firm mattress?

The rigidity of the mattress varies from very soft to very stiff. Too hard mattress is uncomfortable during sleep and adversely affects its quality. It does not contribute to the uniform distribution of weight in the region of the shoulders and hips. This is the concentrated zone in which the main load. The needless soft mattress does not provide the necessary support and allows the spine to curve. This leads to strain on the ligaments and muscles of the body.

When selecting the firmness of the mattress should consider several factors:

  • age of a person;
  • the weight of the sleeper;
  • health;
  • lifestyle (active or passive);
  • habits (what position likes to sleep);
  • the number of people on a firm mattress and its weight.

As has been previously mentioned mattress stiffness depends on the age of the sleeper. For infants who have not yet formed the spine, doctors recommend the firmest mattress made of coconut fiber.

Choosing a firm mattress for different people

For children older than 2-3 years is better to choose a mattress softer, as always sleep on a hard mattress is bad. For this age are most suitable non-sprung mattresses with medium hardness.

People who are up to 25 years consider it is worth buying a firm mattress of medium and high rigidity because it is formed before the age of the spine.

A man from 25 to 50 years will approach the model of any degree of firmness; it all depends on personal preference, state of health as well as those mattresses that meet its financial possibilities. Also, the rigidity of the mattress should be selected based on the weight of the sleeper:

  1. Thin people (up to 55 kg) are best suited soft mattresses. It can be soft spring model without coir or mattresses without springs which consist of natural latex.
  2. People of the average build (55 to 90 kg) is better to choose a mattress of medium hardness. They fit most models of mattresses with independent spring block, such as mattresses that use a combination of coir latex.
  3. Overweight people (over 90 kg) should pay attention to mattresses with high rigidity. For them, a great option is a spring mattress with a reinforced coil of thick wire or springless from dense durable materials.

Choosing a firm mattress can sleep together, first on one side then on the other and come to a mutual decision of which side is more comfortable for both people.

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